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Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions


Aluminum extrusions (or profiles) have continuously demonstrated to be as superior in performance, reliability, and efficiency for a variety of markets—from consumer durables to transportation and from electronics to building and construction. Where time, cost, and process repeatability are important parameters to the designer, aluminum extrusions offer advantages unmatched by other materials and processes. 

Today’s designers are able to work with an abundance of materials including aluminum, steel, copper, plastic resins, and composites, as well as an abundance of processes including roll forming, stampings, castings, powdered metal, injection molding, and plastic resin extrusion. Each material and process offers distinctive performance criteria for the designer. For many applications, aluminum—and specifically the aluminum extrusion process—offers performance criteria exceeding those of alternative materials and processes.

Aluminum Is Recyclable


Aluminum is fully, and repeatably,recyclable. Aluminum can berecycled over and over without any degradation or loss of its innate characteristics. This well known and documented feature maximizes efficiency. For many products, where product life has a limitation (such as applications in the transportation and consumer durables markets), aluminum’s recyclability—along with its other attributes—can make it a superior material choice compared with other materials. Aluminum has significant scrap value, making it not only environmentally friendly because of recyclability, but cost effective as well. Recycled aluminum takes only five percent of the energy necessary to produce virgin aluminum. Aluminum need not be a part of landfills.

Aluminum's Material Advantages


● Recyclable    ● Lightweight    ● Strong    ● High Strength-to-Weight Ratio    ● Resilient    ● Corrosion-Resistant    ● Thermally Conductive    ● Non-Toxic    ● Reflective    ● Electrically Conductive    ● Nonmagnetic    ● Nonsparking    ● Noncombustible    ● Cryogenically Strong

Aluminum Extrusion's Process Advantages


Attractive / Wide Range of Finishes  / Virtually Seamless  / Complex Integral Shapes  / Fastening and Assembly  / Joinable  / Fabrication  / Tolerancing  / Cost- Effective  / Short Lead Times

Application Field


So it’s wilely use at automobile field

An aluminum space frame enables: 

● Better fuel economy 

● Reduced emissions 

● Improved performance and safety (nearly twice the crash energy absorption as steel) and has high recycling value

Temperature Data for Selected 6xxx-Series Alloys



Min. Press Exit Temp(deg-F) Critical Cooling Rate  (deg-F/sec)  Critical Cooling  Range (deg-F)  Cooling Time (sec)at Minimum Cooling Rate Cooling Time (sec)at Maximum Cooling Rate
6063 930 2-3 840-480 180 (at 2 deg/sec) 120 (at 3 deg/sec)
6463 930 5 840-480 72 (at 5 deg/sec) 72 (at 5 deg/sec)
6063A 930 3-5 840-480 120 (at 3 deg/sec) 72 (at 5 deg/sec)
6060 930 3-5 840-480 120 (at 3 deg/sec) 72 (at 5 deg/sec)
6101 930 3-5 840-480 120 (at 3 deg/sec) 72 (at 5 deg/sec)
6005A 950 5-15 860-480 76 (at 5 deg/sec) 25 (at 15 deg/sec)
6061 950 10-20 860-480 38 (at 10 deg/sec) 19 (at 20 deg/sec)
6082 950 10-20 860-480 38 (at 10 deg/sec) 19 (at 20 deg/sec)
6351 950 10-20 860-480 38 (at 10 deg/sec) 19 (at 20 deg/sec)

Why aluminium popular in Automobil field?

Industrial aluminum alloy profiles have the characteristics of light weight, beautiful appearance, good strength, corrosion resistance, good heat dissipation, easy assembly and so on.These characteristics allow industrial aluminum profiles to be used in many industries.The automotive industry is the use of industrial aluminum alloy profiles in the downstream customer domain accounted for a relatively large.It is understood that one-third of the annual industrial aluminum alloy profile processing production sales are sold to the automotive field.So, why is industrial aluminum profiles so popular in the automotive field?

With the gradual improvement of people's living standard, the demand of automobile industry is increasing.With the popularization of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, the field of vehicle lightweight and electric vehicles has developed rapidly.Industrial aluminum alloy profiles have the advantages of light quality, corrosion resistance, easy production and processing, good strength, good bearing capacity, good heat dissipation performance, environmental protection and recyclable products.