Aluminium Line Guide

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The application of guide rail is very wide, such as elevator industry, machinery industry and so on.There are also many kinds of guide rails, linear guide, machine tool guide, rolling linear guide and so on.Industrial aluminum profiles are generally used to make automatic guide rails.

Aluminium Line guide


Profile guide, also called aluminum alloy slide linear guide, is a device that can fix, bear and guide moving equipment and reduce its friction.Aluminum guide is composed of guide parts and moving parts, the application field is very wide, the surface of the groove or convex used to fix, guide mobile devices, such as doors and Windows, elevators, drawers and so on.

Why aluminium profile can make it to Guide rail

First of all, as a guide rail, the surface must be smooth to ensure the smooth passage of machinery and equipment.The aluminum profile is extruded and then anodized. Its surface is very smooth and it is the best choice for guide rail.And aluminum alloy profile hardness is high, good aluminum profile manufacturers processing precision is particularly high, fully meet the requirements of high precision.Moreover, aluminum alloy can be extruded into a lot of complex section profiles, which can be designed to fit the actual section more according to the contact surface of the equipment.

In many applications of factory automation, long linear travel is needed, which needs to be realized through the splicing of linear guide rails.Super long aluminum profile, usually has the following two kinds of stitching: one: through the T groove T guide bar to fix the connecting plate, usually used in the general size of aluminum profile;Two: punch holes in the T-groove, with high strength bolts to fix the connecting plate located in the aluminum cavity body, usually used for large aluminum profiles, because of the need for higher connection rigidity.