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Jinlv offers over 100+ various standard profiles 20/40/45/80 etc.
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Aluminum profile processing industry with its own advantages: light, strong, environmental protection, convenient, beautiful, corrosion resistance, coupled with environmental protection, lightweight demand increasing, industrial aluminum is widely used in our home life.For example:

Household appliances

With the application of aluminum alloy profiles more and more widely, many home appliance industries have changed the original plastic parts into aluminum alloy parts, in order to meet the modern consumption concept and aesthetic standards.For example, no frame TV, it is not without frame, but the frame is hidden, it uses the frame of aluminum alloy, aluminum extrusion molding for bending processing, composition of the box in the TV.Aluminum alloy frame with good strength, high precision, can ensure perfect fit between frame and screen.


Aluminum profiles are often used for doors and window frames.


Because the aluminum profile is light, the bed made of industrial aluminum profile is light and easy to handle.It is connected by accessories and easy to disassemble and assemble.Take a bed for, aluminous profile makes a bed, firm and beautiful, bed bottom still can put apart bigger buy content space.Still have resemble aquarium wear, buy content wear, picture frame, frame of computer desk, ambry, want to do only can use aluminium profile.

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