Equipment Frame

Jinlv offers over 100+ various standard profiles 20/40/45/80 etc.

Equipment Frame


Industrial aluminum profiles in the industrial field is very widely used, because it has the characteristics of simple, strong and easy to install, and because of the variety of cross sections can be suitable for a variety of machinery and equipment.

Mechanical equipment has small simple structure also has large or complex structure, each kind of mechanical equipment weight is different, different appearance of the need for equipment support is not the same.Therefore, the selection of equipment support is also greatly learned.Generally, the support of heavy machinery equipment is customized with aluminum 5050,6060 or 8080 industrial aluminum profiles.

For bearing in the general range of the need to choose 4080,3060 aluminum profiles.And there are some like fish tank shelves, small equipment support, small transmission line support and so on, with 4040 aluminum profiles or 3030 aluminum profiles.

Different equipment supports need to choose different aluminum profiles section.Different bracket shape design can be customized with industrial aluminum processing.