3D Printer Frame

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3D Printer Frame


3D printer is a kind of rapid prototyping machine, it is a model of digital document as the foundation, use special wax material, powder metal or plastic adhesive materials, to construct the object by means of step by step a printing technology, which used in mould manufacturing, industrial design, and other fields has been used in the manufacture of the model, is now gradually used for direct manufacturing of some products,Means that the technology is popular, the working principle of 3 d printers and ordinary printer basic same, is the "printed materials" through computer control layer by layer stack up, finally turn on the computer the blueprint becomes physical, 3 d printer at work, can make the print platform with multiple motors from top to bottom and move around,Generally most of the lifting mechanism adopts two motor is connected with screw driver printing mobile platform, when work, but because the motor produces vibration, and the printer is composed of a whole framework, the framework USES multiple profiles patchwork, itself has the characteristics of high strength and low density profiles, if 3 d printers by external force is easy to make mobile printers,This will affect the printing effect of the printer.

Platform Application


Application 1

The FRAME of the 3D printer in the picture is built with 4080 and 4040 profiles. The base is built at the bottom as a support piece, which has the function of support and shock resistance.The whole frame structure is connected by hexagonal bolt drilling, hidden in the profile, beautiful and strong, not easy to shake.Because the aluminum profile can be customized, so the printer frame can be customized in many styles.

Application 2

Here is another option of customer customization.The 4040 profile is used to build, using Angle parts for external connection, no drilling, simple and convenient installation.

From the above two cases, it can be seen that industrial aluminum profiles can be customized according to the needs of different styles, different needs of the printer frame, the whole installation process without welding, simple and convenient assembly.The straightness of the industrial aluminum profile itself is relatively high, which can reduce the operation error of the printer, so as to ensure the correctness of printed items.This is the main reason industrial aluminum profiles are suitable for use in 3D printer frames.