Others platforms

Jinlv offers over 100+ various standard profiles 20/40/45/80 etc.

Industrial production platform


Industrial production platform, also called workshop bridge stepping, mechanical platform stepping, industrial maintenance platform, etc., is made of high strength aluminum profile + pedal, solid structure, bearing capacity up to 500~2000kg(specific according to the actual demand for customized processing).!It's made of industrial aluminum profile with beautiful surface, smooth appearance anti-corrosion, stable structure, the use of high strength aluminum and scientific structure design;Convenient and fast, full combination design, convenient for you to disassemble and assemble;Customized according to the actual work space, height, bearing capacity, free design of the best solution. 

Industrial Step Customization


Safety Standards

Accessories of Stairs/platform system meet all current standards and regulations of the German accident Insurance and Prevention Agency. Therefore,Stairs/platform system makes it easy for users to build structures that meet all the safety requirements and rules applicable to staircase design.



Stairs/platform system base on few accessories, those accessories can use flexible. let those accessories easier reuse.Uniform light structure principles and wider pillar space help to minimize raw material consumption while ensuring safety.


Fully Compatible

taircase with different slope and variable length profile assembly, can be customized according to demand. Compatible with fences, panels, doors, machine accessories and installation accessories, installation and expansion of various auxiliary equipment. According to the available space, the required working height and the related weight too build the optimal solution.


Optimized Surface

Stairs/platform system can create a complete surface to avoid dirt. Pillars, handrails and kneepads reduce the risk of injury. the highly sturdy aluminum profiles are anodized to enable them to prevent scratching and corrosion for a long time.


Easy to Assemble

All parts are bolted to the profile. Because of the multifunction fastener, there is no need for oblique cutting of guardrail or connection joint. Therefore, the stairs can be modified or expanded if necessary.



● The stair and platform system at least need one side handrail, will need two side handrail if the platform width is above 1200mm

● The height of stair and platform recommend 200mm

● 1200mm width platform total loading must under 350kg

● 1200mm width single step loading wight must under 150kg

● The two column distance between handrail and guard bar must under 1500mm