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The aluminum profile climbing ladder is a climbing tool connected with industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum profiles related accessories for the workshop. It is easy to install without welding.The bottom of the ladder is easily moved by casters with brakes.

Aluminum can climb the ladder USES for material handling and revolving tool, also can be used as the auxiliary tool, climb the pickup which is bigger, the effect of the ventilation pipe factory can climb the repair factory, large equipment maintenance, high terrace stairs, people can do for the maintenance of the airport with high bus terminal use ladder or climb the ladder and so on,It is convenient to do things at high places and pick up things.

One side of the aluminum profile ascending ladder is provided with steps (handrails beside the steps) for users to board the platform, and the other three sides of the platform are equipped with guardrail to ensure the safety of operators.Aluminum profile ladder can be designed according to the site environment platform frame, strong plasticity;Strong load-bearing capacity, safe and stable;And can be modular installation, so that the on-site disassembly is very convenient;In addition, it has the advantages of environmental protection, no pollution, solid structure, beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, no rust, lifetime maintenance free, etc., suitable for all kinds of climbing operation environment.

Aluminum profile production ladder need to pay attention to is: 1, aluminum profile ladder span and bearing.When the span is relatively large, we need to add some bearing support, we can also use large specifications of aluminum processing;2, the choice of anti-skateboard.According to the working environment work content to choose the appropriate anti-skid grade anti-skid board;3. Tilt Angle of climbing ladder.The ladder can be customized based on actual conditions. Generally, the ladder Angle ranges from 45 degrees to 60 degrees.