Linear Module

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The application of guide rail is very wide, such as elevator industry, machinery industry and so on.There are also many kinds of guide rails, linear guide, machine tool guide, rolling linear guide and so on.Industrial aluminum profiles are generally used to make automatic guide rails.

Linear modules


Linear modules for the development of modern industry has a very important role in promoting, especially for the rapid development of automation field is outstanding, which is derived from a variety of linear modules have excellent functions.

what are the main components of a linear module

Linear guide is the core component of linear module, it can support and guide components to reciprocate linear motion, has reached some high intensity related work.Due to the strong rigidity of linear guide and the friction coefficient between it and ball bearings is very small, it can achieve high and high precision linear reciprocation, which has been widely used in the fields requiring high speed and accuracy.Ball screw is another core member of the linear module, its main function is to make the fit between the ball and the screw, so as to reduce the friction to a greater extent, so as to achieve the conversion between linear motion and rotary motion.

In all linear modules, the existence of the motor is indispensable, because whether it is higher requirements for running speed or higher requirements for working accuracy, etc., are the need for the motor to achieve this goal to provide continuous power.Under normal circumstances, the configuration of motor is more flexible, such as stepper motor, AC and DC motor and three-phase asynchronous motor can be flexibly configured according to the actual use requirements.The reason why the linear module can achieve high-precision working positioning is related to the photoelectric switch, which is an important component. In fact, it is through the control of the photoelectric switch that the precision and accurate positioning of the linear module can be achieved.We can custom the liner module for customer require. We can offer High precision design,high performance, good price product, Welcome to contact us.