Display shelf& plant rack

Jinlv offers over 100+ various standard profiles 20/40/45/80 etc.
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Aluminium Frame


Aluminum frame is divided into many kinds, there are adjustable structural frame, there are mobile structural frame, the two types of aluminum frame design specifications are the same, the first is according to the parameters provided by the customer to draw drawings, drawings directly ask the requirements, such as bearing and size, and then start to choose the right profile,Make frame commonly used profiles 4040 industrial aluminum and 8080 industrial aluminum, the former is suitable for light load, the latter is suitable for heavy load, after selecting all the building materials, is installed in accordance with the drawings, customers can install themselves, also can let the manufacturer to install you.

Display shelf


Display shelf and plant rack is combine with alu profile frame and panel,add lighting effect, not only strong but also beautiful in appearancet.

Industrial aluminum profiles are often used in product display shelves and storage material shelves, commonly used in storage shelves, plant planting shelves, shopping malls and store displays.Frame generally needs to have a partition, so that the convenient storage of the product, lamina materials can be used: steel lamina, aluminum lamina, mesh lamina, acrylic plate and toughened glass.It plays a role in sorting out and rectifying the working environment, to achieve lean management, so as to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency.

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