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Which material does aluminum profile manufacture have? 6063-T5

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The aluminum profile frame has many steps in the processing process and is mainly made of aluminum profiles. aluminum frame manufacturers believe that it is very simple to understand the structure of the frame.If you don't understand it, you'll find it a little difficult.

For aluminum profile frame manufacturers, the formation of aluminum profiles.This is a kind of extruded material, the main material is 6063 alloy brand, by aluminum, magnesium, silicon three main alloy extrusion.The extrusion process is to change the shape of the outline by extrusion, using a mold, aluminum ingots.First of all, the production of the mold needs to be designed in advance, then the mold should be made, and then the mold should be tried. If possible, the mold should be heated and then put into storage.

Below are for production of aluminum, aluminum ingots and auxiliary material casting, aluminum rod heating evenly, then squeeze in mould, extrusion profiles need to cooling, aluminum frame manufacturers use T5 air-cooled, manufacturers in response to environmental protection, now almost use is this way, then after heat treatment and also begin to surface treatment, is completed.

Aluminum profile frame manufacturers can customize not only the frame, but also a variety of aluminum profiles, such as protective cover, clean shed, fence and other finished products.