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What parts are connected to industrial aluminum profiles

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In recent years industrial aluminum profiles have been widely used in many automation industries and gradually replaced steel profiles.Compared with steel profiles, industrial aluminum profiles are not only light weight, easy to handle and transport, and the surface oxidation, oxidation film, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, more importantly, the use of modular accessories connected, no welding, easy to disassemble.There are many kinds of industrial aluminum parts connection, can choose different connection mode according to user needs.What accessories are connected to industrial aluminum profiles?

1. Industrial aluminum profile external connection: Bracket, corner groove connector

Its adjustable reinforcement function, simple connection and installation, no additional processing can be completed frame fixed assembly, easy to modify and disassembly.

2, industrial aluminum built-in connecting parts: 90 degrees connecting pin, long stitching connecting parts, steering Angle parts, three-dimensional corner parts, elastic fasteners, Angle adjusting plate, connecting plate, T-bolt, T-nut, elastic nut, elastomer nut, slider nut, cover plate, seal, hoof foot, castor, etc.

3, beautiful appearance, hidden installation, convenient disassembly, more accurate space installation accessories.In addition, it can drill holes accurately according to the required position, saving the step of measuring the height, and does not occupy the space inside the frame to install other components.