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What is the production process of industrial aluminum profiles

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Everyone knows aluminum profiles, but what is the original of aluminum profiles do you know? What is the production process of aluminum profile, Shanghai jinlv takes you to understand the whole production process. In the mid-1950s, China built large aluminum processing plants and formed a production system. Aluminum products have been serialized, with a total of seven alloy systems, which can produce eight kinds of plates, strips, foils, tubes, rods, profiles, wires and forgings (free forgings, die forgings).

The production profile mentioned is the profile used by the factory. Commonly used as workshop assembly line table, workshop partition fence, mobile hopper and other finished products. The process starts with aluminum ingots.

Firstly, according to the specific alloy grade needed to be produced, the addition amount of various alloy components is calculated to reasonably match various raw materials.

Then the matched raw materials are added to the melting furnace for melting according to the technological requirements. Impurities and gases in the melt are effectively removed by degassing and slag refining. Then the liquid aluminum is cooled and cast into various specifications of round casting rods by deep well casting system under certain casting process conditions. And then extruded and oxidized.

After extrusion is completed, it is the frame of the building. Select profiles according to the drawings, connecting parts and accessories are selected, and the whole frame is built.