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What are the ways to assemble industrial aluminum profile frames?

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There are many ways to assemble profile frames, which we can see in factories such as workbenches, fences, ladders, shields and so on. Now more customers choose aluminum profiles to build the frame, the frame is called profile frame after the completion of the construction. Different finished products choose different sections of profiles, if customer requirements are different, assembly methods are different.

We will first talk about the same assembly process, first confirm the drawings with the technology, and then go to segment processing, cutting, punching, punching, etc according to the drawings. Generally, customers like to use the method of hidden connection, so that it is convenient to hide the accessories, and look beautiful, and then start to connect, build the frame model, and then add the accessories.

Let's talk about the connection method next. Below are three examples.

Joint assembly of corner parts: fixed directly with aluminum corner parts, connected with T-bolts and flange nuts.

Drilling and perforation assembly: before assembly, drilling and tapping should be carried out according to the parameters, and then directly locked with bolts to fix the connection;

Bevel structure assembly: if the conventional Angle, directly connected with the corner components. If the special Angle, and bevel part connection, can also choose the connection plate for fast connection.