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The industrial aluminum profile frame is designed according to the drawings

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If built according to drawings, profile frames are not afraid of mistakes. When a customer needs a profile frame, he will find a suitable manufacturer. If you have ideas and drawings, you can directly connect with the manufacturer's technology to make effect drawings. You can then put it into production.

The profile frame is the mold of the finished product. It's not enough to do this one step, it takes multiple steps to do it. Below is a detailed explanation.

For the molding frame, the general factory has the stock of conventional profiles, so that customers can supply faster when they need. For customers who need profiles, technical personnel will draw drawings according to the requirements, and customers confirm to begin to select the required profiles, materials need to be processed after preparation, after the completion of the process began to build, and then add accessories.

For some boards, grilles, seals, etc., we will confirm the finished products with the customer again, and start packing and delivery after there is no problem. In the process of building the profile frame, it is best to have drawings for reference, so with the design of this profession, the design sketch looks more intuitive and clear. If you have the need to do profile frame drawing design, please contact Jinlv metal company.