Jinlv offers over 100+ various standard profiles 20/40/45/80 etc.

Industrial CNC Products


Jinlv offer customize CNC service, Widely used in industry field, machining have milling, tapping, punching.We have excellent equipment and exquisite craft, The machining precision reached 0.01mm, Maximal equipment length is 6500mm.

What is the machining for aluminium profile


● Cutting.Cutting is basic processing services.A section is 6 meters long, can be cut according to the needs of the length, to customize the frame products

● Tapping, including end tapping, drilling tapping, the use of CNC processing equipment, can accurately control the depth

● Drilling, including through hole, countersunk head hole, blind hole, installation hole and so on.Finish according to engineering drawings

● Assembly, including finished product assembly, on-site assembly, etc., to provide installation instructions and video installation guidance

● Other finishing services, including hole milling, groove milling, surface milling, end milling and so on



Product Name CNC machining products
Material ALUMINUM ,(6363/6061/6005...T5/T6 etc customize)
Color Sliver / black (customize)
Shape Size Round, Square, Triangle, Rectangle etc...and Customized shapes are welcomed.
Dimensions By client's request and drawings
Finishing Mill finished, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coated, Painted, Sliver matt, Sand blasted, PVDF, Silkscreened etc
Manufacturing Equipment CNC center, sawing, milling, deburring, punching, tapping, chamfering, Drilling machines, lathe
Delivery Date  Negotiable



CNC machining is very widely use at industrial field. Jinlv made many many cases for customize product such as mask machine parts, Robot column,The laser beam,guide rail system,5G Tele-station Base Board etc. Milling tapping drilling etc to meet connection or installation requirements.