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How to maintain industrial aluminum workbench

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Framework workbench are becoming increasingly common in the modern workshop, the workbench is an important part of modern industrial production, the current workbench with industrial aluminum, because aluminum table surface smooth and bright appearance, very popular, but after long-term use, industrial aluminum workbench inevitably have dirt and oil, so the daily maintenance of industrial aluminum table is very important.

How to maintain the aluminum table? 1, wipe ash: wipe the dust on the surface of the industrial aluminum workbench with a wet cloth, you can use detergent, soap and other detergents;

2. Oil removal: oil can be wiped with rosin water, but it should be noted that rosin water is harmful to human body, need to wear a mask when using, how to maintain the industrial aluminum workbench? 3. Inspection: the most important thing in the maintenance of industrial aluminum workbench is to check the connection points and replace the old connection parts in time;