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How to distinguish between European standard aluminum -type water line profiles

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How to distinguish the European standards and national standards of aluminum profiles in water lines, and industry insiders who use industrial aluminum profiles know that there are two types of assembly line aluminum materials: European standards and national standards.

So what is European standard aluminum profile and what is the national standard aluminum profile? Xiaobian used to believe that the European standard aluminum profile is the aluminum profile produced in accordance with European standards, and the size accuracy will be higher than the national standard. The national standard aluminum profile is aluminum profiles produced according to domestic standards, and the accuracy is slightly lower than the European standard aluminum profile. Unexpectedly, there was no such distinction. The difference between European standard and national aluminum profile in the industry lies in the shape and chamfer of the slopes.

1. Different slot types, when the profile is fixed, different nuts are placed in the profile groove. The slot of the national standard profile is square with ordinary square nuts. The grooves of the European standard profile are trapezoidal, and special alien nuts need to be placed.

2. The backward angle of the contour is different. The four corners of the national standard profile are very small, almost all of them. The four corners of European standard profiles have large arcs.