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How to customize the aluminum profile frame to customer satisfaction

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Aluminum frame is used in various industries, including commonly used workbench frame, fence partition frame, protective cover frame, shelf cart frame and so on.But the aluminum frame is not just can be customized, some frames will shake, and some frames can not meet the bearing needs, and so on, there are problems.So aluminum frame customization needs to meet what conditions can be from the following six basic requirements.


1,Meet actual demand

No matter what kind of customization, it needs to meet the actual needs.Customization is not a figment of imagination, but according to specific customer demand processing.Therefore, before customization, confirm the specific processing requirements with the customer first, in order to carry out late customization.

2. Reasonable structure.

Multilayer frame structure and single frame structure, there will be a clear functional partition, different functional partition function is different, can use the profile and connections will have difference, so everyone at the time of framework design, framework need to clear the internal structure and the role of each structure, and according to the actual situation to design.

3, in line with ergonomics.

No matter what kind of aluminum frame, are for the machine and personnel service, so the design, to conform to the ergonomics, so that the framework, equipment and personnel into a whole structure, can ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment, and can facilitate the operation of employees, personal safety protection.

4, bearing standard, stable and solid.

The main part of the aluminum frame is built with aluminum profiles and accessories, which also determines the bearing standard of the whole frame.So in the design, the need to use suitable profile specifications and connection, so as to ensure the stability of the framework, the late will not produce shaking or collapse.

5. Scientific drawing.

Once the structure is designed, the drawings can be made.Drawing is an important reference for processing and customization.Scientific drawing can reduce processing errors, reduce the waste of profiles.The drawing will generally be standard size, hole size and spacing and so on.

6. Accuracy error.

According to the diagram customization needs to control the accuracy error, the smaller the error, the better.Profile customization, often appear straightness error, twist error, flatness error and size error and so on.These can affect the quality of customized products.When the frame is customized, there will be cutting error, tapping error, punching size error and so on, which will affect the later installation.

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