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How to customize industrial aluminum profiles for aluminum profile manufacturers

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There are many domestic manufacturers. Aluminum profile manufacturers are only one of them. Generally, such manufacturers are customized aluminum profiles, which can be divided into two parts, one is customized aluminum profiles, and parts are machining aluminum profiles. Of course, custom aluminum profiles also need to be machined.

For the custom machining of aluminum profiles, it is well known that aluminum profiles are extruded, there are standard profiles and customized profiles. The former has ready -made molds. The latter needs to customize a new mold, that is, the mold opening. As the basic needs of industrial foundation, aluminum profiles are growing step by step every year. In addition to industrial standard aluminum profiles, many customers now customize various aluminum profiles according to their needs.

The time for customized molds is long and short, and it is usually depend on the difficulty and complexity of the mold segment. The customization process can be divided into three steps. First, confirm the drawings, and then test the production. The third step is the processing of aluminum profile, which is roughly a CNC machine tool, and then sent to the surface oxidation treatment.

Throughout the process, if you customize a aluminum profile, the mold is generally 7 days, the test is 1 day, the profile extrusion is 1 day, the machine and the surface oxidize for 5 to 7 days, and the large goods can be produced in about half a month. If you need it, please contact Jinlv metal, follow the rules, and do not go to the vulgar set. Welcome to consult us.