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How to build arc welding fence with industrial aluminum profiles

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Arc-welded fences are made from industrial aluminum profiles, and many are more concerned about quality.In fact, aluminum profiles have a similar carrying capacity to stainless steel, making them ideal for arc welding fences.In addition, the profiles have slots for easy installation of different types of panels, saving time and effort.So how do you build a strong aluminum arc welding fence?Let me explain to you from three aspects.

1. Profile selection.If the arc welding fence is strong, appropriate profile specifications need to be selected to fundamentally solve the bearing problem of the fence.The bearing capacity of profiles with different specifications is different, and the profile specifications used for arc welding fences need to be selected according to the actual situation.If you do not know how to choose profile specifications, you can find us to help you choose the design.

2. Fix it on the ground.Arc-welded fences need to be fixed to the ground.In this case, you need to choose a square anchor corner piece, fixed with bolts and nuts, bearing up to 2500kg, not easy to shake, long service time.If the profile is used directly to support the bottom of the fence, it can be fixed directly to the ground with expansion bolts.In this way, it will shift during use.

3. Connection mode.Arc welded fences are made of aluminum profiles, which can be directly assembled with accessories without welding.Profiles can be connected in a variety of ways.Arc-welded fences are generally connected internally with hex bolts, elastic fasteners and semicircle head bolts, which have high connection strength and do not occupy the space in the profile slot for later plate installation.