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How is the stability of the aluminum profile

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Now more and more places can use aluminum frame, then aluminum frame stability with firmness, this is also one of the important performance test industrial aluminum frame, industrial performance frame stability and firmness, aluminum bearing good, high stability, no shaking in the process of use. Let's take a look at the stability and firmness of aluminum frames and what factors.

Select the right industrial aluminum profile machining custom aluminum profile frame. Different sections of aluminum profiles can achieve different bearing capacity. Therefore, appropriate aluminum profiles should be selected, otherwise the bearing capacity cannot be guaranteed, which will lead to the tilt or even collapse of the frame. Select appropriate aluminum profile specifications within the bearing range to ensure safe use.

Aluminum profiles require the use of special accessories. If the fittings are not properly selected, the connected aluminum profile frame must not be strong. Even if the selection of aluminum profile is correct, the selection of accessories is improper, the quality of accessories is poor, and the stability can not be guaranteed. At the same time, check whether the bolts, nuts and other accessories are tightened. Otherwise, they will become loose. The phenomenon is not solid.

The aluminum profile frame is mounted on a flat spot. Aluminum frames are usually in direct contact with the ground. Therefore, if the site is not level enough, the installed aluminum frame will have a certain degree of tilt. The flat application site is also one of the bases to ensure the stability of the frame. The uneven site will lead to the overall overturning of the aluminum frame, which is very dangerous.