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Good luck with the work throughout the new year

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The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dissipated, the new journey has begun!

Jinlv back to work from chinese new year at 9th Jan.

"Red envelop" is Chinese New Year a custom, China enjoyed by everyone red, because red symbol vitality, pleasant and good luck.


Distributed red envelopes for minors styled according to Chinese idea, married even adult), is said to wish and good luck to them. Red envelope money, just want to let children happy, its main meaning is in red paper, because it symbolize good luck.

Jinlv’s CEO Mr.Tong present every staff of Jinlv the”ren envelop” to wish everyone have a lucky year and good harvest.

New Year, new atmosphere, new journey again

A New Year brings new hope,

Write new glories on our new journey.

We will be proud,

Get into the New Year.