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Do you know where is the industrial aluminum profiles used

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Industrial aluminum profiles are mainly used in what fields? In our lives, industrial aluminum can be seen everywhere. Its application scope gradually expands and has been widely used in our lives. Many people do not know the specific application scope of industrial aluminum profiles.

Industrial aluminum profile is a new product of the times. It can be applied in the field of industrial manufacturing, such as automation machinery and equipment, assembly line conveyor belt, elevator, point -tube machine, detection equipment, shelves, electronic machinery industries, and dust -free rooms.

The production line belongs to large transportation equipment. Aluminum profiles can well plan the area and play a role in protecting, that is, we often call aluminum material fences and aluminum profile protective cover.

The warehouse department is also essential in the factory. For example, material racks, moving cart, stairs and treadmills are also made of industrial aluminum profiles.

Due to the advantages of lightweight corrosion resistance, aluminum profiles are also very suitable for medical care, such as stretchers, medical equipment, medical beds, etc.

Aluminum profile is lightweight, the carrying capacity is strong, and the special profile structure is convenient for the installation and connection of electrical equipment. Therefore, there is also its own place in the field of automobile manufacturing industry.

The five major areas outlined the application scope of industrial aluminum profiles. The most widely used is aluminum profile framework. The formulation forms are diverse. Generally, it is designed according to customer requirements. Shanghai Jinlv aluminum alloy products company has only done one thing aluminum profile for more than ten years, just to get your recognition!