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Do you know the industrial aluminum profile anti -static workbench

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First of all, introduce you about the anti -static workbench. Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in the workbench, which has the advantages of light gravity, simple assembly and disassembly. The aluminum profile workbench is divided into anti -static workbench and assembly line workbench.

The anti -static workbench generally uses 3030 aluminum profiles and 4040 aluminum profiles. It is generally used in factories, stations, laboratories, and operating stations. The anti -static workbench is assembled from the wire groove, fluorescent lamp, tray, and operating table. The countertop uses density boards and anti -static green leather to play a role in buffering insulation and static electricity, which is easy to handle and clean up stains. The accessories generally use angle connection or drilling bolt nut connection, and the workbench and workbench can be connected side by side to form a row or multi -row.

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