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Do you know the application of industrial aluminum profile workbench in the laboratory

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What are the applications and classifications of aluminum profile laboratory workbench? The laboratory workbench is a shelf made of industrial aluminum profiles, but such a workbench is cleaner than the industrial workbench. What are the common laboratory workbenches? Let us decompose the category.

According to the role of the laboratory, common ones are: school test laboratory, national scientific research laboratory, enterprise scientific research laboratory and industrial laboratory laboratory. The first laboratory hosted by a university. For example, the physical chemistry major in schools, industrial enterprises, transportation, medical supplies and other industries. According to the test nature, it can be divided into chemical experiment workbench and physical experiment workbench. Both are used in the laboratory, but they face different experimental objects and performance.

No matter what kind of laboratory workbench, it will face some corrosive solids or liquids, including some corrosive, such as sulfuric acid. Therefore, the material of the laboratory workbench must be industrial aluminum profiles or stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. It is just that the workbench cannot be disassembled because stainless steel needs to be welded and assembled. The choice of industrial aluminum profiles can be disassembled at any time, because there are special connectors, which is very convenient for combined installation.

The laboratory workbench is an indispensable equipment for assistance experiments, and has an important position in the history of human progress. Scientific development only depends on experiments. Industrial aluminum profiles are not only customized for laboratory workbenches, but also industrial anti -static workbenches and multi -function workbench.