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Do you know Aluminum profile processing process which 5 processes

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Customized processing industrial aluminum profiles do not know these 5 process steps, will definitely suffer a lot of losses, many people have heard of customized aluminum profiles, so do you know what the process of customized aluminum profiles is? It looks simple, but there are quite a few processes in it, and every step is important. Today, we will take a look at the steps of aluminum profile customization processing.

1. Find a reliable aluminum processing plant: looking for aluminum processing plants, editors recommend to find some powerful factories, large factories, and product quality is guaranteed.

2. Drawing aluminum profile processing drawings: the accuracy of drawing value is very important for subsequent processing. Can ask the technical staff of aluminum profile processing plant to help us draw, unreasonable place to modify in time.

3. Discussion on die opening cost: After the product drawing is finished, the product needs to be quoted for aluminum profile processing. If the cost is appropriate and acceptable, we will deal with it. Large amount, the cost of aluminum profile mold can be free.

4. Other processing costs: If we want to carry out other processing, such as CNC machining or surface treatment, we need to discuss and determine the processing costs in advance.

5. Aluminum profile opening quality inspection: Before aluminum profile opening, it is necessary to test the mold to check whether there are quality problems. If there is any defect, we can communicate with the aluminum profile processing plant. After the product quality is qualified, it can be mass-produced.