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Different industrial profile accessories funtion introduction

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At present, many articles have introduced the characteristics, functions and application scope of industrial aluminum profiles.It is also mentioned that the aluminum profile can achieve rapid modular assembly is more important, because it is connected with the aluminum profile accessories, eliminating welding, can shorten the assembly time of the frame and frame structure.Today, lets introduce what is the function of the joint?

Firstly, let's talk about the bolt and nut series: this series is an indispensable part of the connection of the whole accessories, as long as the connection of two profiles needs to use bolts and nuts.The commonly used specifications and models are T-bolts, T-nuts, elastic nuts, slider nuts, hexagon bolts, hexagon bolts, flange nuts, etc. They need to select according to the size when it use with bracket.When used alone as a profile connection, the profile must first be drilled.If a slider nut is used, it needs to be embedded in the profile slot first.

Then we will talk about corner parts corner code series: this series is one of the commonly used accessories in the installation process of profile frame structure.Generally, this series is not used alone. It needs to be used together with bolts and nuts.And in the selection of the need to choose according to the size of aluminum profile specifications.According to different profile series, different sizes of corner parts can be provided.Commonly used corner parts specifications are 20 series, 30 series, 40 series, 45 series, 60 series, 80 series.40 series corner pieces include 4080 series corner pieces.

Then talk about the cover plate series: this accessory has national standard and European standard two categories, in use need to choose different profiles according to the type.

Then we talk the decorative accessories series: this series is in the frame assembly process to play a decorative beautiful role.Commonly used have hook, handle, seal, hinge, hoof foot, hanging eye, etc.Generally, the protective cover is more used in the installation process of mechanical equipment.

Finally, we will talk about the special connection accessories series: this series of connectors is generally used to meet some special connection mode of the frame structure.Commonly used are three-dimensional connector, steering connector, one note connector, movable connecting rod, hinge, anchor connecting pin, bevel connector and so on.The word connector can realize the linear expansion of the connection of two profiles.3D connectors can connect 2 or 3 profiles.It is also a special connector for semi-circular profiles.The steering Angle is used to connect two non-perpendicular profiles.