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A handy tool makes a handyman, One more equipment join in Jinlv

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In 2022, Shanghai, due to the epidemic, this city, in the most difficult time missed the beautiful spring.After the resumption of work for two months, the temperature in Shanghai once soared to more than 30 degrees.For many who have lived and worked here for a long time, they may have just made the leap from padded jackets to short sleeves.The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has caused Shanghai to experience a two-month "silent period", which has changed many people and things.But jinal metal always here for you!


These two years Shanghai jinlv entered a stage of rapid development, to further expand markets, have a higher request for aluminum CNC machining efficiency, the company's existing ten sets of CNC machine equipment, have full load operation, but still appeared saturated, delivery orders difficult problems, in order to improve the machining accuracy, improve processing efficiency, buy new CNC machining equipment is urgent!

In order to meet the market for CNC machining accuracy of continuous improvement and increasing numerical control processing orders, after the leadership of the company decided to study, Shanghai Jinlv decided to buy a CNC machining center produced by numerical control!

A PDC-CNC2500 CNC machine tool purchased by Jinlv metal arrived at Shanghai factory in advance On June 9, 2022. With the help of forklift, the PRATIC module CNC machining center landed safely.After a short correction, it will be put into intense production!

1. The machine is a set of drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering as one of the CNC profile composite processing center;

2. Use international special CNC numerical control system;

3. Suitable for processing various lengths of steel, aluminum, copper and non-metal;

4. Adopt back protection sheet metal mode to prevent chip flying;

5. Equipped with automatic chip discharging machine, easy to clean;

6. BT40 spindle conical hole, increase the machine rigidity, processing efficiency, accuracy, high strength;

7. Different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Shanghai Jinlv 20 years focus on industrial aluminum profile customized processing services,we are waiting for you to consult!