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2020 national aluminum profile national standard

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There are many types of aluminum profiles, and each model can be assembled into a framework of different load -bearing and styles. In the industry, 15 series aluminum profiles and 20 series aluminum profiles are generally referred to as small aluminum models.

Because of its small cross -section and light load, it is only suitable for the framework structure that needs to be low. The 2020 aluminum profile is a specification of 20 series profiles. It is divided into European standard aluminum profiles and national aluminum profiles. Today, Jin Aluminum Metals will bring you the national standard of industrial aluminum profile in 2020.

National standard aluminum profile in 2020, model JL-4-2020g, product size: 20*20mm, product length: 6m, trough width of 4mm, duct diameter at both ends, cavity M4. Due to its small cross -section, light weight, and low cost, this kind of profile is mainly used for the support of small frameworks and small equipment. The support nuts use 20T nuts, elastic nuts (no grooves) and the corresponding cylindrical head bolt M4, special bolt M4, etc.